Funspot Tavern
In the heart of FUNSPOT, there is a place reminiscent of the old Weirs. Enjoy a drink while you catch the game, throw a round of darts, or shoot a game of pool.
Who the heck was D.A. Long?
D.A. "Denny" Long was the grandfather of Funspot owners Bob and John Lawton.

He was a pioneer in America's pasttime, baseball, and the newspaper industry of the early 20th century.

Denny owned and managed minor league baseball teams and had a sharp eye for talented players. He sold more players to the big leagues than any other franchise owner of his time.

He established the Lowell Sunday Telegram and successfully negotiated a joint venture with E.A. Grozier of the Boston Post.

In addition to his successful newspaper career and baseball endeavors, Denny enjoyed fishing and even hooked a prize-winning smallmouth bass in Lake Winnipesaukee.

He shared his interests with his family, includng his grandsons, Bob and John, who carried on with his enterprising spirit.
While visiting the tavern be sure to:
View D.A. "Denny" Long's portrait.

Check out dozens of antique bottles collected from Lake Winnipesaukee.

See the 7⅛-pound smallmouth bass Denny caught on Lake Winnipesaukee in 1928.
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